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1) What does CSS stand for?
2) What is the purpose of CSS?
3) Which type of CSS is best for website performance?
4) What is CSS specificity?
5) Which property is used to control the size of text in CSS?
6) What is the box model in CSS?
7) Which property is used to create an underline on text in CSS?
8) Which property is used to change the background color of an element in CSS?
9) Which property is used to add a border around an element in CSS?
10) What does the CSS transition property do?
a) Compressed Style Sheets
b) Cascading Style Sheets
c) Creative Style Sheets
a) To create interactive animations
b) To add functionality to a website
c) To style and format the design of a website
a) External CSS
b) Inline CSS
c) Internal CSS
a) The order in which CSS rules are applied
b) The importance of a CSS rule
c) The way styling is inherited from parent elements
a) font-color
b) font-family
c) font-size
a) The way CSS organizes HTML elements into boxes
b) The way HTML tags and attributes are stored in a file
c) The way CSS calculates dimensions and spacing
a) text-decoration
b) text-transform
c) text-align
a) background-color
b) color
c) margin
a) padding
b) margin
c) border
a) Animates changes in CSS styles
b) Changes the background of an element
c) Adds a shadow to an element
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